Work With Stephen as Your Writing Mentor

Crafting a book can be chaotic. Let’s befriend chaos.

For years, I led groups of writers from all over the world in intensive retreats. I helped them write novels, plays, children’s books, memoirs, and collections of poetry.

Under my own name and a pseudonym, I have written and published poems, essays, reviews, websites, and books, and I have tasted both success and failure. Over the past decade, I traveled extensively, lived off-grid, farmed, started businesses, and built my own house (on more than one occasion). I integrate tantra hatha yoga and esoteric meditation techniques into my daily life. My goal has always been to become more of who I really am.

When people devote themselves to their unique talents, the world is a rich place. It’s important for writers to reach out and connect with other people to get feedback on their work. Don’t try to do it all alone! I love to help writers in strategy sessions, exploring ideas and refining messy drafts.

I offer three different packages, depending on how you'd like to work together.

1. Manuscript feedback. (most common)

   Send me your manuscript, your rough draft, your project notes. I read through, make notes, and give you overall suggestions. We meet in person (if you are located in the SF Bay area) or via phone for an hour-long session.

2. Mentor.(my personal favorite)

You'd like ongoing help to see you through a larger project.
   Ongoing manuscript feedback and hour-long weekly phone conversations to address anything that arises for you as you work on your book, blog, etc.
Nothing is cookie-cutter. I work with each of my clients in a fluid and adaptable way that best meets their needs. I'm good at guiding writers into their untapped creative potential, getting them more in touch with who they really are.

3. Rapid-fire strategy sessions.

   You call me with questions and we talk through them.

4. Group events.

   Several options! Contact me if you're interested.
   - Mysteries of the Imagination collaborative interactive freewriting and strategy session (2-3 hours)
   - Writing Immersion Retreat (weekend, 1 or 2 week long)
   - Hands-on writing presentation for business/corporate organization