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Why Finishing A Book Is Harder Now Than Ever (And How to Gain the Competitive Edge)

Setting out to write a book often comes with a surge of energy and inspiration. The words flow and the ideas emerge.

Maybe you’re writing a nonfiction book to help expand your platform or share a new tool with the world. Maybe you’re penning the next bestselling mystery series.

No … Read more

goals publishing

Writers, Don’t Waste Your Life In The Pursuit of Money

Ah, the thrill of the quick buck.

I own a small business making and selling handmade shea butter skin cream. Everything involved with this business is pure pleasure. That’s why I do it. It earns me some money, and that’s a plus. But the main reason I make and … Read more


You’re Blocked About Finishing Your Book Because You Feel Mixed About Self-Publishing

First off, the main thing: You want to write a book!

You are so cool.


What’s stopping you from getting your stuff out there?

Wherever you are in your book writing process, whether you are just starting out, somewhere in the middle, or sitting on a finished manuscript and … Read more