“For those two weeks in Umbria we all belonged together–and I know the friendships begun there will continue. For me personally, the goal writing and creative exercises helped me to find my writing voice again; it had been buried for a few years and now I’ve got it back. That is one of the greatest gifts I took home with me from the retreat. Thank you, Stephen…” Sharon, Wellness and Writing retreat member, 2010 Stephen is wise beyond his years. As a writing teacher and motivational coach he brings a strength and serenity to the process that is steeped in years of study from well-known experts in personal development and writing. He imparts this knowledge and his own insights in a modest, grounded way allowing you the space to be introspective, authentic, and true to yourself.P.S., Cambridge, MA – 2011 Wellness Immersion Retreat Participant “Stephen was so gifted at bringing us in to focus on the larger purpose of our choice to write and our practice of writing. For me, the writing advice he gave me was the extra nudge I needed to really feel confident in my ideas, to hone in on them and trust their interplay and organic development as a valuable and interesting process. He offered ongoing support after the retreat, recommended reading, suggestions and other guidance in addition to the focus and encouragement. I felt the retreat exercises brought me to the exact place I needed to be in my writing. They opened and emptied me, so I could let the freshness and clarity into my work and let go of the self-criticism and doubt. In particular, the writing exercise in which we wrote from the perspective ofalready having achieved our most important goals had a huge impact on my writing and on me personally. Clearing away obstacles that were keeping me from what I know I want to do, the exercise brought me closer to the pleasure of achievement, so I could take ownership of it and go home intent on not losing it. The yoga, and especially the breathwork, were, like the painting, a necessary and important part of the retreat experience and my writing process. Clarity, emptiness and stillness were essential to the writing work I was doing,

Stephen has a unique capacity for listening

Stephen has a unique capacity for listening that allows him to understand the feeling that I’m struggling to communicate, and sometimes blindly seeking, in my writing. On many occasions, with a few insightful words he’s helped me clarify and amplify my connection to my true and powerful voice.