I’ll help you write your book.

I have been a retreat facilitator and writing mentor since 2009.

My super power is an ability to deeply listen and draw out my clients’ best ideas. I help spark ideas and build strategies. Reach out to me if you are looking to…

  • write a book or blog
  • organize a messy project
  • align your voice to your vision

I am enthusiastic about indie publishing. I promise to fight for you throughout your writing journey.

I can help you become a better writer.

Get one-on-one writing guidance

I am currently accepting new clients.

I offer a variety of packages depending on what you need.

Use the form below and tell me what you’re working on. Then, let’s figure out a good time to talk over the phone.

During this first call, we develop a road map for your project. Where do you currently stand with it and where do you want to go?

We can map out a plan.

Many writers struggle with similar issues, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution. I have worked with bestselling authors and total newbies in genres ranging from historical fiction, literary fiction, memoir, paranormal romance, poetry, sci fi, and nonfiction.

I can help you stay accountable to your realest goals and to nudge you towards deeper integrity with your vision.

Let’s have a conversation and see what happens.

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Writing Mentor Options

1. Manuscript feedback.

   Send me your manuscript, your rough draft, your project notes. I read through, make notes, and give you overall suggestions. We meet in person (if you are located in the SF Bay area) or via phone for an hour-long session. $210

2. Mentor.(most common)

You'd like ongoing help to see you through a larger project.    Ongoing manuscript feedback and hour-long weekly phone conversations to address anything that arises for you as you work on your book, blog, etc. Nothing is cookie-cutter. I work with each of my clients in a fluid and adaptable way that best meets their needs. I'm good at guiding writers into their untapped creative potential, getting them more in touch with who they really are. $440/month

3. Rapid-fire strategy sessions.

   You call me with questions and we talk through them. $60/hr

4. Group events.

   Several options! Contact me if you're interested.    - Mysteries of the Imagination collaborative interactive freewriting and strategy session (2-3 hours)    - Writing Immersion Retreat (weekend, 1 or 2 week long)    - Hands-on freewriting presentation for business/corporate organization

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