What is a writing mentor?

Let’s say you want to

  • write a book (novel, nonfiction, etc)
  • start a blog
  • finish a story
  • plan a series of projects
  • hone your professional voice
  • adopt a writing ritual for personal development

Well, a writing mentor helps you do that.

I admire mentors and teachers who can really speak to the best in someone, and that is what I aspire to do every day with my clients.

Everybody has different talents and different needs. I never take a cookie-cutter approach.

Online courses are great. Books are great. Writing circles and retreats are great. But nothing beats the value of a one-on-one relationship.

Do you need someone to keep you accountable?

Maybe you need to make a shift with your writing process, whether you want to be more prolific or want to rediscover a way of writing that nourishes and energizes you. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by everything that you want to write and you need help discerning where your energy is best directed.

As your writing mentor, my job is to draw out what is truest and best within you.

Let’s work together.

I will help you to

  • stay accountable
  • hone your voice
  • clarify messy drafts (I love messy drafts!)
  • accomplish big goals
  • find depth and authenticity in your writing

I love all genres, I love unrealistic goals, and I have never had a problem with a client’s writing project being too chaotic or unclear. And plenty of times I get approached by people who have nothing down on paper yet. That’s fine too! All you need is an idea.

I’ve been a writer for years. I also draw from other wells of experience. I am an audiobook narrator and university English professor, I lead Writing Immersion retreats and collaborative freewriting events, I have farmed biodynamically and built an off-grid homestead, several tiny houses, traveled the world, been a yogi, and now I keep a daily meditation practice with absolute dedication. I am an avid deep freewriter and supporter of independent publishing.

Send me a note using the form below and we can arrange a good time to speak over the phone.

Let’s make big things happen.