Hire Stephen as Your Writing Consultant

Crafting a book can be chaotic. Let’s befriend chaos.

For years, I led groups of writers from all over the world in intensive retreats. I helped them write novels, plays, children’s books, memoirs, and collections of poetry.

I have written and published poems, essays, reviews, websites, and books. My life is a quest of depth and originality. Over the past decade, I traveled extensively, lived off-grid, farmed, started successful businesses, and built my own house (on more than one occasion). I integrate tantra hatha yoga and esoteric meditation techniques into my daily life.

When people devote themselves to their unique talents, the world is a rich place. I love to connect writers with their passion through strategy sessions in which we explore ideas and comb through drafts.

These days, as a society, we grow more isolated from each other. It is crucial that we connect with others to help us be more of who we really are. It’s not about penning a bestseller. What matters is that you write some words each day that people will want to read. 

Contact me. I would love to hear from you.