Start Here! Free Resources for Writers

I have been a retreat facilitator and writing mentor since 2009. I am always learning how to:

  • write better
  • write faster
  • get the right words to the right readers

I can’t guarantee you a book deal and I won’t make any promises about winning bestseller status. I can promise to fight for you throughout the writing and publishing process. The journey isn’t over at one book. I can help you become a better writer.

Here is what I can offer you today.

1. Download your free copy of The Eightfold Writing Process

2. Get free one-on-one writing guidance

Writing is a solitary craft. It’s crucial for authors to reach out to other real human beings for support and guidance.

Connect with me for help with your current book or writing project. I offer a variety of packages depending on what you need.

Send me a quick note and tell me a bit about what you’d like to work towards. We can arrange a free exploratory phone consultation to feel out what might work best for you.

This initial call is where we develop a potential road map for your project. Where do you currently stand with it, and where would you like to go?

I work differently from other coaches selling their services. I’m not going to try to convince you to work with me. I love connecting with other writers and offering value. If our initial call is fun and the future looks bright, then you can choose the way you’d like to work together. We can map out a plan, and it’s OK if you change your mind a week or a month or a year down the road. The main thing is that we’re honest and open and real with each other.

Many writers struggle with the same types of issues, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution. I have worked with bestselling authors and total newbies in genres ranging from historical fiction, literary fiction, memoir, paranormal romance, poetry, sci fi, and nonfiction. Everyone benefits from having someone to help them be accountable and to nudge them towards deeper integrity with their vision.

Reach out to me, and let’s have a conversation about your writing.

It’s free! Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Send me a note to connect… even if you don’t have the perfect thing to say. It’ll feel good just to get the ball rolling.

I offer three different packages, depending on how you'd like to work together.

1. Manuscript feedback. (most common)

   Send me your manuscript, your rough draft, your project notes. I read through, make notes, and give you overall suggestions. We meet in person (if you are located in the SF Bay area) or via phone for an hour-long session.

2. Mentor.(my personal favorite)

You'd like ongoing help to see you through a larger project.
   Ongoing manuscript feedback and hour-long weekly phone conversations to address anything that arises for you as you work on your book, blog, etc.
Nothing is cookie-cutter. I work with each of my clients in a fluid and adaptable way that best meets their needs. I'm good at guiding writers into their untapped creative potential, getting them more in touch with who they really are.

3. Rapid-fire strategy sessions.

   You call me with questions and we talk through them.

4. Group events.

   Several options! Contact me if you're interested.
   - Mysteries of the Imagination collaborative interactive freewriting and strategy session (2-3 hours)
   - Writing Immersion Retreat (weekend, 1 or 2 week long)
   - Hands-on writing presentation for business/corporate organization