Best Practices When Doing A Writing Marathon

For the past few months, I’ve been meeting with others two or three times a week to do virtual writing marathons.

On average, I write just over 4000 words during each marathon.

On average, I can “use” about 1/3 of this written material without having to change anything about it. … Read more


In fact, it’s better if you have nothing to say

Writers can be difficult people, uniquely stubborn to work with.

Alas, I love writers. People have accused me of being a writer for quite some time, and the truth is… I like to consider myself one, in fact.

But here’s the shady truth: amidst a writer’s nest of convoluted personality … Read more


Freewriting Exercise: Get Things Moving

Writing is weird. It’s not like other art forms. And every writer at some point has found it difficult or uninspiring to write.

Over the years, I have tried all sorts of writing strategies, exercises and techniques. Sometimes out of frustration, and sometimes out of a desire to embrace all … Read more


What Part of You Is the Writer?

You’re one person, but you have many sides. Maybe you have some sense for these different sides of yourself.

It’s likely that they are largely determined by what kind of action is required from you or based on a certain setting that you find yourself in. Maybe you have a … Read more


Freewriting Exercise: How Do Others See You?

This exercise is an opportunity to explore a different side of yourself by experiencing yourself through the eyes of another.

Much of the time, we are stuck in our own limited perspectives — we have our habitual way of seeing ourselves and that’s it. On occasion, we are open to … Read more


Freewriting Exercise: What’s Strange About You?

You are so weird!

Thank God for that.

Here is an opportunity to sing the praises of a quirky facet of your individuality.

We are all made up of a mishmash of habits, beliefs, traits and preferences. Plus a given quantity of ineffable something.

How does this unique aspect … Read more

freewriting story

Freewriting Exercise: Rewrite An Oral Story

For this exercise, you get to retell a story that at some point has been told to you by someone else.

We all have stories we carry around. Some of these stories come from our own experience and others are those that have been shared to us by someone else. … Read more


Freewriting Exercise: Quickly Sketch Out Plot Points

This writing exercise takes you from a very general idea to a more fleshed-out draft or outline.

What you need to begin

  • A rough idea of what you’d like to write
  • Twenty minutes or so
  1. If your rough idea is a single statement, break it into three parts.
  2. Use these
Read more

Freewriting Exercise: Vividly Describe Your Environment

This exercise gets you to write from direct observation, presencing your immediate surroundings.

The result of delving into this kind of writing is that it gets you to deeply and vividly spread your awareness into the space around you. It’s an awesome workout for your descriptive ability and can also … Read more

freewriting goals

Freewriting Exercise: Write A Letter to Yourself in the Future

This exercise will only take about fifteen minutes but it’s guaranteed to make your day.

It involves spending a few minutes now to write a letter that will get delivered to yourself in the future.

Think of it as an electronic time capsule. A secret message you can send into … Read more