About Writing Immersion Retreats

Who Should Apply

Successful applicants range from:

  • professionals seeking a break from their routine
  • spiritual practitioners who want a peaceful vacation
  • writers wanting time to develop their craft
  • non-writers who need space to explore themselves

The focus of these retreats is primarily creative. I strive to bring together experienced writers and those who simply love the craft. Groups consist of participants from all over the world (though most generally from English-speaking countries).

This retreat can serve as a creative kick-start. It is designed to change your life.

Retreat Philosophy: Fulfillment vs Achievement

I have heard it said that achievement is a science, but fulfillment is an art. I believe that this art of fulfillment has three elements:

1. Awareness: Only by being fully present do we actually experience abundance. Creativity happens because we are authentically participating in the world.

2. Holism: Who we really are is more than the sum of our parts. Many of life’s hidden facets are significant, not only our careers, ideas, earnings, etc.

3. Contributing Your Uniqueness: Each person is unique. We grow more fulfilled and we enrich the world by becoming more of who we truly are.

Some attend the retreat for the sole purpose of creative writing, others for the wellness aspect which ranges delicious food, relaxation, good company, and nature walks, others for the craft talks amidst beautiful natural scenery. Think of the retreat as a re-balancing act for becoming centered.

About the Retreat

The experience is designed for individuals who seek greater realness and depth in life. You are invited to spend time in a beautiful remote location, to dine on healthy food and be in the company of like-minded souls. You are invited to spend this time in an empowering routine where you work creatively and explore goals. The time you spend at the retreat can mark the transformation of your personal and creative life.

This is not a spa retreat. I choose retreat locations that are imbued with a sense of realness and transparency. This retreat is a unique experience for you to live and work (both creatively and personally) in one of the most beautiful, expansive natural locations in the world.

Each day begins with breathwork, followed by a serene silent breakfast. For those who prefer other wellness activities, breathwork may be substituted with an activity of your choice, whether it is jogging or walking through the woods, meditation, sleeping late, or having peaceful alone time.

After breakfast, there will be a brief discussion about creative writing and an optional writing exercise. You will have plenty of free time to write, work, hike, or relax.

Then there will be a delicious lunch, followed by a creative writing and/or wellness discussion where we discuss a reading, share each other’s work and make progress on the day’s writing. Or, if you would like, you may take this time to explore the property, to find a space to take in the ambiance and work in solitude on your creative writing (personal assessment, poetry, journaling, story writing) or your other creative modality. I can meet with you one-on-one during a scheduled time each day to discuss your process and results.

Before dinner, an optional second session of breathwork will take place. There will be time afterward to shower and get dressed.

The time after dinner is designated for sharing your works in progress, enjoying each other’s company and totally relaxing.

Group Balance

I select retreat participants from a variety of backgrounds and skill levels. This makes for a fruitful and dynamic experience. The challenge for me as an instructor is to meet the needs of each participant on an individual level. I draw from a wide range of personal experience.

Over the years, I have noticed that each participant’s real needs sometimes differ from their initial expectations. The inspiring environment, the holistic schedule, and the chemistry from peer interaction leads to an experience that is transformative because everyone is encouraged to be who they truly, deeply are. The retreat is coordinated to offer the right factors that lead to producing and sharing creative work that extends from who each person really is.

I do everything I can to be innovative and make each retreat a resounding success. This work has been immensely fulfilling for me.