Writing Immersion Retreats

These holistic retreats give you time, space, and structure to work creatively.

A writer and artist community — with guidance for those who want it.

I bring together creative writers, artists, and those interested in spiritual practice and self-development.

These retreats are an opportunity for dedicated time, a place of peace in which we can all create separately and also share our work with others. I am looking for supportive writers who want to enjoy some time liberated from their daily schedule, free of the constraints of a conference or university. I offer an enlivening schedule, but everything is optional, including daily critiques, one-on-one meetings, brief craft talks and morning breathwork.

When you wake every morning to birdsong at a remote estate and spend your days in an empowering creative community, you can make headway on even the most daunting project.

All retreat activities are focused on giving you a holistically productive immersion. Morning breathwork is offered to connect the body and mind and to free up creativity.

At these retreats, writers and nonwriters can join together in critique, with free time devoted to work on their own creative projects. All participants, whether pursuing writing, personal reflection, or some other endeavor, can benefit evenly from group chemistry, workshops, one-on-one sessions, and free time. Participants can choose to do as much or as little as they need.

Each day at the retreat, the following activities are available:

  • Early morning breathwork
  • Delicious healthy local organic food
  • Goal writing and personal development exercises
  • Creative writing discussion
  • One-on-one manuscript guidance
  • Enlivening interdisciplinary group critique

I believe in offering a full array of activities that bring together a dynamic group of participants with varied interests and backgrounds. Additionally, there is also ample focus given to meditation, relaxation, sightseeing, and time spent in nature.

These retreats typically fill well before the deadline and have space for twelve participants only– consider applying soon. If you’re interested, please don’t miss your chance to spend time on a retreat with me!