Upcoming Retreats

(Update: No in-person Writing Immersion retreats planned for the near future. Join my mailing list at the bottom of the page to be notified when the next retreat will be)

In the meantime:

  1. Get a copy of Deep Freewriting
  2. See if you can join us at some point for a weekly writing circle meeting
  3. Contact me directly if you’re looking for a writing mentor to help you finish your creative project.

Bali Mountain Retreat

7 day retreat at a very special eco-resort near the slopes of Mount Batukaru

This retreat is about productivity. It’s also very much about making a return to a mode of writing that feels restorative and inspired. Prepare to bask in the pristine environment of Bali — high away from the bustle of cities and conventional tourism.

At Writing Immersion retreats, everything is optional, but there will be lots of craft talks on writing and plenty of opportunities to share and get feedback.

Optional extras include rainforest, rice paddy, and temple day hikes/tours.

Day 1: Introduction, Exploration, Grounding – an introduction to the retreat’s core essentials and an opportunity to really arrive at the retreat.

Day 2: Gratitude, Fundamentals and Experimentation — several craft talks and exercises and an invitation to explore new modalities.

Day 3: Fun & Games / Expeditions — a time to schedule optional day trips and/or solo time. One-on-one writing guidance is also available.

Day 4: Deep Dive – Writing Marathon 1 — the group focus is on writing continually for solid stretches of time. Tools and strategies for making this possible.

Day 5: Processing and Integration — talks on revision, reordering, pacing, structure, etc.

Day 6: Deep Dive – Writing Marathon 2 — renewed aspiration to make the most of the trip. A deep plunge into the flow state.

Day 7: Equanimity, Departure — saying our farewells to each other.

Ireland, TBA

Mt. Shasta, California, TBA

Upcoming Events in USA

Mysteries of the Imagination – Collaborative Interactive Freewriting – San Francisco, CA

Monthly Writing Workshop, Sebastopol, CA

Mysteries of the Imagination – Collaborative Interactive Freewriting – Brooklyn, NY