About Learning and Personal Growth at a Retreat

My intention for an optimal retreat or mentoring experience is to do everything I can to facilitate learning and personal growth. Rather than modeling the classroom, which would prioritize the fact that I’m teaching, I hope to bring about learning through introspection.

An interesting note about the Latin root of the word ‘education’ (educere) is that it means “to lead forth, to raise up.”

I prioritize process and approach above end result. I see creativity as a continual practice. You can expect to be extremely productive and have a lot of fun. Many participants produce their best work while on a retreat, and they have breakthroughs that open new doors for the future.

“The retreat will be some of the most productive time for anyone in a creative process. One feels removed from daily distractions and worries but completely connected and involved with a group of supportive and interesting people.

In a heart beat I would come again. I am a writer and my time at Spannocchia was the most productive time I’ve ever spent at my craft.”

– Rachel, 2011 Writing Immersion at Spannocchia

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