7 Week Writing Challenge

Awesome productivity. Outrageous enjoyment of your creative flow.

Depth. Immersion.



Build a bulletproof writing discipline to last a lifetime.

We’re talking…

  • Sit down and write 2k words.
  • Then, go on and enjoy the rest of your day.

Easy, frictionless, fun.

Leverage the simple and undervalued writing practice known as freewriting — yes, freewriting.

Here are a few of the topics that we will cover:

  • How to do an eight-hour writing marathon… and not feel drained afterward
  • How to write faster and break through blocks
  • How to stay organized with large manuscripts
  • How to hone your natural voice
  • How to use writing for self-discovery — improve your relationships, spiritual practice, make a major life pivot
  • How to generate more ideas in less time than any other method … and keep track of them

[ This course is currently closed. ]

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