About Stephen

Creativity is a mystery. Let’s dive in.

I was the guy who sat in the back of the classroom spacing out.

I had all sorts of ideas! I tried writing stories and poems, but my process was painstakingly slow.

It was like pulling teeth, but I was insatiable. I would write for hours. Days. Whittling away. Fighting with myself.

I was — and am — filled with an unstoppable desire to create.

At one point, my desire culminated in a 24 hour depth freewriting marathon that revolutionized the way I understood writing.

When I committed to writing nonstop for that long, something had to give. I gave in, and I let inspiration take over. I found true joy in the process. I could write nonstop all night and all day.

But then I did something weird.

Despite my revelation, I tried to fit back into my old habits of writing. I didn’t make depth freewriting a regular practice.

I wrote all the time, but I wasn’t always writing freely. The normal way to write — the way we were taught in school — can feel like an uphill slog.

One year, I drafted twenty books. And yet I secretly wanted a way out. I wished desperately that I could find some other way of creating that didn’t hurt as much as writing did. So I worked with my hands, I made music, I made musical instruments, I became a sculptor, I painted landscapes in Tuscany. I farmed and built an off-grid home. I traveled the world and led writer’s retreats where I taught other writers the best techniques that I knew.

The irony is that all along, I was teaching others what I believed. I just found it hard to take my own advice.

Trust me — I know what it’s like to run from your creative work. To pile so much stuff into your life so there isn’t room for what you really want.

Eventually, I gave it all up. I sold or threw away most everything I owned, built a tiny house on wheels, and now I write freely and mentor other writers. I am fueled by what I do.

Depth freewriting is powerful. As a technique and a philosophy, it offers so much.

I’d love for you to take part in my 7-week depth freewriting challenge. It’s filled with all the best techniques and strategies to make freewriting work for you.

Don’t let other people’s judgment cloud your thinking. Don’t let anything stand in the way of your creative flow. Not your English teacher’s dogma. Not your old habits or beliefs for how to “do it right.”

I offer my clients insights borne of much practice and toil, workflows that can change everything, and encouragement that isn’t BS.

If you need someone to help you get your best ideas onto the page, work with me as your writing mentor.

Whether it’s a book, blog or whatever. I’ve worked with bestselling authors and total newbies in all genres.

As a writing mentor, I will support you throughout the entire creative process. I’ll help you with accountability, inspiration, manuscript editing… and whatever else. Nobody else out there can give you the kind of one-on-one support that I can.

When a writing block comes up for you, I’ll help you punch through it. When you’re stuck and frustrated and in need of better ideas and strategies, give me a call.

My job is to help you manifest your vision for what you want to write.