What Part of You Is the Writer?

You’re one person, but you have many sides. Maybe you have some sense for these different sides of yourself.

It’s likely that they are largely determined by what kind of action is required from you or based on a certain setting that you find yourself in. Maybe you have a … Read more

Freewriting Exercise: Story Remix

There is a lot of value when artists are magpies, collecting, listening, mimicking. Trying their hand at different things.

This exercise is about remixing, collecting, gathering, playing with existing stories. Doing your version of something just as an experiment.

The opportunities here are endless.

I find the mimicking and copying … Read more

What is Depth Freewriting?

Freewriting has been around for some time.

Freewriting involves writing without stopping, and there are a variety of other techniques that can be woven into the practice.

One of the central values behind freewriting is that of letting go of judgment, which by default leaves you in a more original … Read more