Writers Blocked by Doubt, Try This Method Instead

You want to write but you feel blocked.

The block tries to justify its existence. It wants to convince you that it needs to be there. It tends to come up again and again and follow the same patterns. It’s an energy drain that leads to familiar places.

Try this … Read more


What you Need Now to Begin Your Freewriting Adventure

You don’t need much to dive into a freewriting session. You don’t even need to be wearing pants if you don’t want to.

Unless you like to write in coffee shops.

Unless the coffee shop has a permissive clothing policy.

Anyway, you don’t need much.

Here are some things you … Read more

freewriting traits to embody

Staying in the Flow – [Freewriting Mastery]

Every action should be a step towards depth, integrity, and mastery.

That means doing one thing at a time. Nothing should get in the way of that single thing.

Don’t try to switch back and forth between different tasks.

I know it’s tempting! But don’t do that.

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Writer’s Block: Needing to be Clever

I want to share an embarrassing story from my life because it’s a good illustration about how the philosophy of freewriting changed everything for me.

When I was young, I was shy and reserved. Quiet. Withdrawn. I was richly imaginative, but I didn’t know how to relate with other people. … Read more


Take a Brain Dump!

Freewriting involves making a mess of things.

You sit down (probably) and start writing. You may or may not know what you want to say. You write.

You figure something out, and you get excited, and write faster for awhile. Then that thought dries up and you are once more … Read more


Nonstop Good Ideas

So much time gets wasted sitting and staring and trying to think of good ideas.

So much frowning.

Just think of all the poor chairs enduring their writer’s asses right now all across the world.

The stereotypical writer sits hunched forward, mulling over his story.

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What stops you from finishing what you start?

I’m a recovering project-aholic. I take on more tasks than I can finish.

There are a lot of factors to this. Here’s one of the big ones:

Being busy is an excuse for not finishing what I’m working on.

Maybe you can relate.

When the going gets tough, part of … Read more

freewriting indulgence traits to embody

Indulgence is Your Guru: Write to Free the Animal

We are all much more alike than we realize.

We have the same basic range of human experience, we have the same kinds of wants and fears. Yes, everyone has a different spectrum where they spend their energy and time, but we are all equally capable of the same feelings … Read more

freewriting traits to embody

A Trait to Embody: Enthusiasm [Applied Freewriting]

Mere Enthusiasm is the All in All!

William Blake

It’s only natural to feel unenthusiastic sometimes. Feelings often have something to show us, so it is important to notice what you are experiencing and to allow yourself to hear the wisdom on the other side of the emotion.

When you … Read more


Everybody Does Freewriting Wrong

Freewriting is the direct path towards writing as good and as much as possible in as short of time as possible. It’s a writing practice that hones and refines a writer’s natural voice.

So why aren’t more people doing it?

Most people have been told that when freewriting gets hard, … Read more