Freewriting Exercise: Explore Transitional Words and Phrases

What is a transition?

Transitional words and phrases are like little bits of logical padding that show how different subjects are connected.

Examples of transitional words:

  • in essence
  • in conclusion
  • meanwhile
  • thus
  • notwithstanding
  • subsequently
  • for instance
  • therefore
  • in particular
  • in truth
  • as a result
  • likewise

. . .plus a zillion … Read more


Freewriting Exercise: Douse Your Inner Critic with the Flow of Poetic Imagery

A poem can take any form. It can rhyme. It can be short or long. Poetry uses language in ways that ordinary purposeful speech never does.

One of the fundamentals of poetry (and language in general) is the use of analogy. One thing is like another thing. With skill, analogy … Read more


Freewriting Exercise – Learn From Your Writer’s Block

This exercise is broken into a variety of subcomponents that are catered to specific ways of applying freewriting as a means of learning from your writer’s block.

Your writer’s block is not quite the same as someone else’s writer’s block. It also might not be as different or as unique … Read more


Freewriting Exercise: Finding Clarity About A Complicated Project

When you are faced with a complicated task, it can feel all the more daunting because of how multi-faceted it is.

Every time your mind turns toward this project, you can’t make sense of it. Your thinking around it feels tangled in the layers of project management that seem to … Read more


Freewriting Exercise for Uncovering Hidden Emotions

What are you feeling right now?

Maybe you are interested. Maybe you’re bored. Maybe you’re not really feeling anything.

I used to think that I was just feeling one thing. I used to believe that I was a pretty rational guy. I didn’t think I had emotional problems.

But I … Read more

freewriting goals

Freewriting Exercise- Find Your Life Goals

One of the most powerful freewriting exercises I know of is also the most straightforward.

The exercise is for finding your life goals and developing a plan for achieving them.

Why use freewriting?

Freewriting is a way of writing that gets around the common blocks and mental barriers. Because you … Read more


How Writers Break Through the Flow State’s Crusty Outer Layer

One way to think about writing: You’re inputting text.

From this standpoint, if you want to write faster, you need to type faster.

But so much of the actual time it takes to write something doesn’t merely depend on whether you can type fast, but whether you can write seamlessly.… Read more

freewriting goals

Freewrite Your Path to Creative Independence

What is creative independence?

I use the term to mean things like

  • location independence
  • financial independence
  • generally, your life on your terms
  • a free mind
  • being empowered to share your message and vision with the world

The exercise that can change your life

Everyone has ambitions, desires, and goals that … Read more

traits to embody

Declutter Your Writing Process (Phase 2 of 2)

Phase 2: Clutter in the creative process

Click here for phase 1

You know your creative process is cluttered when

  • You feel an oomph to get things done but when you sit down to work nothing seems to happen
  • You have a to-do list that grows more rapidly than it
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traits to embody

Declutter Your Writing Process (Phase 1 of 2)

Writing is especially cluttery

Of all the creative modalities, writing is not the most straightforward.

If I draw something from direct observation, I put pencil to paper. I observe and I make marks. I’m using a single sense: vision.

With writing, I use all five senses. I write imaginatively, I … Read more