Freewriting Exercise: Explore Transitional Words and Phrases

What is a transition?

Transitional words and phrases are like little bits of logical padding that show how different subjects are connected.

Examples of transitional words:

  • in essence
  • in conclusion
  • meanwhile
  • thus
  • notwithstanding
  • subsequently
  • for instance
  • therefore
  • in particular
  • in truth
  • as a result
  • likewise

. . .plus a zillion … Read more


Freewriting Exercise: Douse Your Inner Critic with the Flow of Poetic Imagery

A poem can take any form. It can rhyme. It can be short or long. Poetry uses language in ways that ordinary purposeful speech never does.

One of the fundamentals of poetry (and language in general) is the use of analogy. One thing is like another thing. With skill, analogy … Read more


Freewriting Exercise – Learn From Your Writer’s Block

This exercise is broken into a variety of subcomponents that are catered to specific ways of applying freewriting as a means of learning from your writer’s block.

Your writer’s block is not quite the same as someone else’s writer’s block. It also might not be as different or as unique … Read more


Use Your Bag of Tricks to Add Spice When You Freewrite Based On An Outline

Earlier today an awesome client of mine mentioned an experience she had doing word sprints with a friend so that she could meet her weekly goal. Basically she and a friend raced against each other to see who could hit their word count goal first.

I’ve never done word sprints, … Read more

freewriting indulgence

Your Inner Critic Wants A Challenge

When you write, do so with mad abandon.

Give yourself full license to go wild and be as tangled and all over the place as necessary.

Because it feels invigorating. A part of you craves the untamed fire of creation. You want it.

The inner critic doesn’t know how to … Read more