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Freewriting Exercise: Story Remix

There is a lot of value when artists are magpies, collecting, listening, mimicking. Trying their hand at different things.

This exercise is about remixing, collecting, gathering, playing with existing stories. Doing your version of something just as an experiment.

The opportunities here are endless.

I find the mimicking and copying … Read more


How to Unravel the Myth That Freewriting is Messy

Let’s say you want to write an essay.

So you freewrite for twenty minutes, then you look back at what you have written, and you discover that it’s a rant about something completely unrelated to your essay. There are only a couple of sentences that pertain to your essay.

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Try This Freewriting Strategy to Write Blog Articles

I’ll start here by mentioning what might be even more obvious to you, dear reader. I’m no expert in blogging. I’m not a blog-guru, no master of bloggery-fu.

I’m OK with that. I will still like myself if I’m not featured in the top 100 blog listings.

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Does Freewriting Need to Be Messy?

How to Impose Structure After You Write

In my experience… the more you do it, the less messy it gets.

That’s not to say the results are the same every time or that freewriting is the same for all people… or that there’s a right way to do it.

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Take a Brain Dump!

Freewriting involves making a mess of things.

You sit down (probably) and start writing. You may or may not know what you want to say. You write.

You figure something out, and you get excited, and write faster for awhile. Then that thought dries up and you are once more … Read more