Freewriting is Like Planting Seeds

Imagination is the Divine Body in Every Man

William Blake

When you freewrite, you wander the imagination stomping or treading lightly, each step a word.

As you step, your feet collect tiny seeds and track them from place to place. Your every action while in the realm of imagination plants seeds.

And it is not only your feet (the words you write) that make this happen. Just by continuing forward, engaging the flow, you brush against things and leave your impression everywhere you go. Your every motion makes ripples and stirs the substance of imagination. It churns and moves things, even where you don’t take a step.

Even when you don’t seem to make an impact, there are forces being stirred beneath the surface.

The long and short of it is: the more you walk, the more can happen.

The more of yourself you see. The more rich the rewards.

And all you need to do is look where you want to go and show up for the process.

Invite the creative impulse, leave the critical impulse until later. Feel your writing with your whole being. Welcome all the fertile chaos you can muster.

Go easy and set no fixed expectations

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, but if it so happens that you are present to a wheel being reinvented, then by all means—

You don’t need to dig your feet into the soil, drag, carry extra weight.

No baggage or complicated devices will help you here. You must strip down to your very being.

You don’t need anything other than your nakedness and the landscape.

Trust that you have what it takes. The farther you wander, the more wildness you get into, the more seeds waiting to be planted.

If you get lost, invite your inner Romantic. There is no harm in composing an ode to anything along the way.

What this looks like in practical terms

Have a good mindset.

Whenever you notice that you’re coming with heavy expectations or putting pressure on yourself, whenever negative beliefs or limiting beliefs are coming up, let them go. Let them be a part of it, and if they have something to offer you in terms of advice, let that be there too.

[bctt tweet=”When you freewrite, everything, good and bad, is continually being shown the door.”] The new is always welcomed.

The vital is eternally invited.

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