Writer’s Block? Remember That You Have A Body

Hey, check that out — whenever I want to, I can wiggle my fingertips.

Wow. Cool!

I’m making light of this but it’s funny how often I do actually lose track of the simple fact that I have a body.

I am a writer. Yet I’m not just a bodiless … Read more

freewriting indulgence traits to embody

Freewriting is Like Planting Seeds

Imagination is the Divine Body in Every Man

William Blake

When you freewrite, you wander the imagination stomping or treading lightly, each step a word.

As you step, your feet collect tiny seeds and track them from place to place. Your every action while in the realm of imagination plants … Read more

freewriting traits to embody

Use Your Peripheral Vision! [Depth Freewriting Strategy]

A writer’s peripheral vision

Sometimes the best ideas have to sneak up on you.

You know the feeling. You’re doodling around with one thing or another, then WHAM! Like lightning, inspiration strikes. Eureka! You race forward with your new discovery. The world is forever changed.

It’s a beautiful feeling, and … Read more