Freewriting Exercise: What’s Strange About You?

You are so weird!

Thank God for that.

Here is an opportunity to sing the praises of a quirky facet of your individuality.

We are all made up of a mishmash of habits, beliefs, traits and preferences. Plus a given quantity of ineffable something.

How does this unique aspect of your individuality see the world? How does the world see it?

For this writing exercise, try to find something (or several things) that are really about who you are, not necessarily things you have.

Who you are:
Is largely a mystery — just imagine what different situations bring out in you. How much of you has been shaped from life circumstances? How much is truly you?

What you have:
You’re tall. You have this trait. It’s part of you, but it’s also just the way things are. This is something that you were more or less given, I’d wager.

Take ten minutes to explore this in a freewriting session.

  • Write without stopping.
  • Stay in the creative mode — no judgment or criticism. Stay in the present moment. Feel the moment fully.
  • Hold the general topic (your individuality) in mind as you write. Flow with whatever comes.

Other options

  • Write about something strange and unsung that you love to do.
  • Something you do well, maybe.
  • Maybe something you would like to do more of.

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