Freewriting Exercise: What’s Strange About You?

You are so weird!

Thank God for that.

Here is an opportunity to sing the praises of a quirky facet of your individuality.

We are all made up of a mishmash of habits, beliefs, traits and preferences. Plus a given quantity of ineffable something.

How does this unique aspect … Read more

freewriting goals

Freewrite Your Path to Creative Independence

What is creative independence?

I use the term to mean things like

  • location independence
  • financial independence
  • generally, your life on your terms
  • a free mind
  • being empowered to share your message and vision with the world

The exercise that can change your life

Everyone has ambitions, desires, and goals that … Read more


Should You Finish a Broken First Draft Or Go Back And Fix Its Problems?

It can be hard to press on and finish a first draft, especially when you discover there is a critical problem with the way you have been writing it.

Let’s say you’re writing a novel with an awesome story and a great main character. Everything seems to be going along … Read more


You Have A Nonfiction Book Idea. How to Begin Writing It?

Many people have great ideas. Many of those great ideas could be made into a book.


Many people don’t feel comfortable just sitting down and beginning to write that book.

Are you such a person? Maybe?

Admit it, you have a book idea.

You’re smart, you’re capable. You could … Read more


The Quiet Ways We Say “I Can’t”

Sometimes I can catch them — the whispers and mumbles that tell me I can’t do something. Or I shouldn’t.

But I want to!

Is that my “inner parent?” Is it wisdom?

I don’t often know. So I check in with myself. When I check in, I ask questions like:… Read more


The Art of Finding the Right Question While You Write

Questions are powerful.

When you ask yourself questions, you can work this mysterious magic to transform a “train” of thought into a more flexible fluid thing where anything can happen.

When we’re writing something, it can happen that we get caught up in the momentum. We think that because we … Read more


Questions to Ask Your Writer’s Block

Do you want to move more deeply to get beneath the block… or let it go?

Freewriting involves writing without stopping for some length of time. Sometimes it’s awesome, sometimes it sucks.

If you freewrite for a long time, there are bound to be moments when you write things that … Read more


Writers Blocked by Doubt, Try This Method Instead

You want to write but you feel blocked.

The block tries to justify its existence. It wants to convince you that it needs to be there. It tends to come up again and again and follow the same patterns. It’s an energy drain that leads to familiar places.

Try this … Read more


Why You Don’t Like To Write (And How Freewriting Helps)

People don’t enjoy writing because they have been taught wrong. They learned to write by placing undue pressure on themselves. They need to get it right! They need to know what they are planning to say before they start to write anything! They have no tolerance for uncertainty and looseness.… Read more