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Freewriting Exercise: Rewrite An Oral Story

For this exercise, you get to retell a story that at some point has been told to you by someone else.

We all have stories we carry around. Some of these stories come from our own experience and others are those that have been shared to us by someone else. … Read more

freewriting story

Freewriting Exercise: Story Remix

There is a lot of value when artists are magpies, collecting, listening, mimicking. Trying their hand at different things.

This exercise is about remixing, collecting, gathering, playing with existing stories. Doing your version of something just as an experiment.

The opportunities here are endless.

I find the mimicking and copying … Read more


Storytellers, Work With What You’ve Got

“Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?”

When I told jokes as a kid, I began with the punchline.

Then I proceeded to explain why the joke was funny.

The person who laughed the most at my jokes was me.

Is that because no one else laughed when I told … Read more


Should You Finish a Broken First Draft Or Go Back And Fix Its Problems?

It can be hard to press on and finish a first draft, especially when you discover there is a critical problem with the way you have been writing it.

Let’s say you’re writing a novel with an awesome story and a great main character. Everything seems to be going along … Read more

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How to Really Transport Your Reader

When we read a story, we get transported to someplace.

For this to happen, people talk about the need for the reader to have a willing suspension of disbelief.

This phrase came from Samuel Taylor Coleridge, the Romantic writer.

“In this idea originated the plan of the ‘Lyrical Ballads’; in

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Learn Story Structure By Reading the Synopsis

How to reverse engineer story structure by studying the blurbs and short summaries of stories you already know

Maybe it’s true that reverse engineering is my favorite kind of engineering. If that is true, I wonder what that says about me?

One thing I have been doing lately is digging … Read more