What Part of You Is the Writer?

You’re one person, but you have many sides. Maybe you have some sense for these different sides of yourself.

It’s likely that they are largely determined by what kind of action is required from you or based on a certain setting that you find yourself in. Maybe you have a … Read more


Self-Criticism Hacks for Writers

To this perfection of nature in our poet we require exercise of those parts, exercitatio, and frequent. If his wit will not arrive suddenly at the dignity of the ancients, let him not yet fall out with it, quarrel, or be over hastily angry, offer to turn it away

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Storytellers, Work With What You’ve Got

“Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?”

When I told jokes as a kid, I began with the punchline.

Then I proceeded to explain why the joke was funny.

The person who laughed the most at my jokes was me.

Is that because no one else laughed when I told … Read more

freewriting indulgence

Try Writing Pure Nonsense for the Rest of the Day

I’m a freewriting evangelist. I love writing marathons.

I have found that the notion of writing without stopping spooks some people.

They’re worried that if they do that, they might tap into something. Awaken something profound (and profoundly suppressed) within them. Likeā€¦ I guess something like the puzzle box in … Read more

freewriting traits to embody

If You’re Blocked, Defeat Your Inner Know-It-All

My inner know-it-all is a big obstacle for me.

Maybe you can relate.

When something new comes up, I want to be first to know. I have an insatiable need to figure things out.

When I’m the first to blurt out the answer and everyone else notice, my inner know-it-all … Read more


What stops you from finishing what you start?

I’m a recovering project-aholic. I take on more tasks than I can finish.

There are a lot of factors to this. Here’s one of the big ones:

Being busy is an excuse for not finishing what I’m working on.

Maybe you can relate.

When the going gets tough, part of … Read more

freewriting indulgence traits to embody

Indulgence is Your Guru: Write to Free the Animal

We are all much more alike than we realize.

We have the same basic range of human experience, we have the same kinds of wants and fears. Yes, everyone has a different spectrum where they spend their energy and time, but we are all equally capable of the same feelings … Read more