Storytellers, Work With What You’ve Got

“Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?”

When I told jokes as a kid, I began with the punchline.

Then I proceeded to explain why the joke was funny.

The person who laughed the most at my jokes was me.

Is that because no one else laughed when I told … Read more

freewriting indulgence

Your Inner Critic Wants A Challenge

When you write, do so with mad abandon.

Give yourself full license to go wild and be as tangled and all over the place as necessary.

Because it feels invigorating. A part of you craves the untamed fire of creation. You want it.

The inner critic doesn’t know how to … Read more


Why the World Needs More Schlock, Not Less

“Ah, there’s too much garbage out there.”

“So much bad writing! Art these days just doesn’t make any sense.”

“That looks like something I could do.”

When I hear people say these sorts of things, I can feel that they believe what they’re saying. And I know that they are … Read more