Freewriting Exercise: Make Erasures

This exercise gets you to freewrite for the express purpose of deleting almost every single word, sparing a few here and there.

What is an erasure?

An erasure is a kind of poem that you make by taking a page of typewritten material and erasing most of it. The words … Read more


Freewriting Exercise: Douse Your Inner Critic with the Flow of Poetic Imagery

A poem can take any form. It can rhyme. It can be short or long. Poetry uses language in ways that ordinary purposeful speech never does.

One of the fundamentals of poetry (and language in general) is the use of analogy. One thing is like another thing. With skill, analogy … Read more


This is the Right Way to Write

  • The right way to write.
  • The correct way to scribe.
  • The archetypal modality of authorship.

A workable answer for the right way to write is illustrated by Gary Snyder’s poem “Riprap.”

I’ll share the poem at the end of this post.

The right way to write is freely.

Freewriting, writing … Read more