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Use Freewriting To Accomplish Impossible Goals

I like to set impossible goals and impossible expectations.

Partly because it’s inspiring to achieve what was previously believed to be impossible.

Huge goals are impressive.

The shadow side of this tendency is to set impossible expectations because it leads to a kind of failure that supports my negative beliefs.… Read more

freewriting indulgence

Try Writing Pure Nonsense for the Rest of the Day

I’m a freewriting evangelist. I love writing marathons.

I have found that the notion of writing without stopping spooks some people.

They’re worried that if they do that, they might tap into something. Awaken something profound (and profoundly suppressed) within them. Likeā€¦ I guess something like the puzzle box in … Read more


This is the Right Way to Write

  • The right way to write.
  • The correct way to scribe.
  • The archetypal modality of authorship.

A workable answer for the right way to write is illustrated by Gary Snyder’s poem “Riprap.”

I’ll share the poem at the end of this post.

The right way to write is freely.

Freewriting, writing … Read more

freewriting traits to embody

A Trait to Embody: Enthusiasm [Applied Freewriting]

Mere Enthusiasm is the All in All!

William Blake

It’s only natural to feel unenthusiastic sometimes. Feelings often have something to show us, so it is important to notice what you are experiencing and to allow yourself to hear the wisdom on the other side of the emotion.

When you … Read more


Everybody Does Freewriting Wrong

Freewriting is the direct path towards writing as good and as much as possible in as short of time as possible. It’s a writing practice that hones and refines a writer’s natural voice.

So why aren’t more people doing it?

Most people have been told that when freewriting gets hard, … Read more


Writing Against the Clock: How Long Should Your Freewriting Session Last?

Freewriting is a writing technique in which you write without stopping for a given duration. How long you choose to write for can really impact the quality of freewrite you end up with.

Let’s look at a few example durations.

How long should you write?

5 minutes: the quickie, the

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Why You Don’t Like To Write (And How Freewriting Helps)

People don’t enjoy writing because they have been taught wrong. They learned to write by placing undue pressure on themselves. They need to get it right! They need to know what they are planning to say before they start to write anything! They have no tolerance for uncertainty and looseness.… Read more