Just Forget About Your Goals

At least for today, give this a shot:

Let go of all your stinkin’ bigshot goals.

Completely let go. Drop ’em.

Ah. There now. That feels better. Spacious. Now you have room to breathe. What should you do with this beautiful blank slate?

Let’s see what happens when you invite something else. Ask yourself: What turns you on?

What… turns… you… on?

Do your goals turn you on? Do your goals get in the way?

Just for today, what would happen if you let yourself follow what turns you on?

[bctt tweet=”If you aren’t fueled by your goals, abandon them.”]

Doesn’t mean they need to be easy. The hardest goals are often the most deeply satisfying. And I don’t mean satisfying like a trophy or a pat on the back. I mean the satisfaction of really living your own life.

Your “life calling”… would you do it for free?

Your “goals”… which of them would you pay to do?

[bctt tweet=”What would change about your profession if you had to pay to offer it to the world?”]

Which of your goals would you pay for?

Your life is your offering. Your magnum opus. What actions help you shine?

What are your real goals?

What are you really here to do?

No bullshit about something being too hard or you not being good enough. If you let everything go, even let the outcome remain open, what is the work that you would want to do regardless of what happens or other people think?

Let go of what you are supposed to do…

Look at your goals… Ask yourself:

Are they your true ambitions… or are they some maze that if the rat makes it through, the rat gets a pellet of reward? Are your goals all about the outcome or also about the journey? Does the pellet justify what you have to do to earn it?

Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. It’s worth asking the question.

Let go of what doesn’t really serve you. You only have so much time. A real deadline faces you at the end of this life.

There’s no sense being a procrastinator about what really makes you come alive.

When you shine, you invite others to shine.

You want a sparkly world, this is the way to get it.

Shine into the darkness.

Shine into the light.

Do what you have to do without any sense of obligation. With enthusiasm.

No more excuses. It’s party time now.

You’re invited. Nobody’s going to make you show up if you don’t want to, but this is your party.

Your life.

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