Use Morning Freewriting to Live With Intent and Clarity

It’s vital to spend the early hours of each day focused on the activities that bring us the most richness and depth.

Studies consistently show how the happiest and most productive people spend their early morning hours doing things that some people struggle to ever get around to.

Many people … Read more

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Just Forget About Your Goals

At least for today, give this a shot:

Let go of all your stinkin’ bigshot goals.

Completely let go. Drop ’em.

Ah. There now. That feels better. Spacious. Now you have room to breathe. What should you do with this beautiful blank slate?

Let’s see what happens when you invite … Read more

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Take Ownership of the World

Maybe you look out at the world and you don’t always like what you see.

All the over-hyped movies. Blockbusters that won awards and then were never heard of later. “Timeless classics” that became embarrassments.

The intellectual in me likes to try to complicate things. As a writer, I wanted … Read more