Why is Consistent Growth So Hard to Maintain?

Organic growth scares people because of the facades around success.

Get rich quick schemes abound. Despite their irrationality, slot machines remain popular.

We like to believe we are so very rational.

Put in the work and you’ll reap the rewards, they say.

What stands in the way?

Why don’t we trust the process? Well, most people have a hard time being comfortable when charting their own course in life. The indie creative sets off into the dark woods away from any other trails or paths. They seek their own way.

We can take advice from others, but at some point, what’s right for us will look different than anything we have ever seen or heard before. How can we know whether we should keep going when all seems lost? We crave control, safety, certainty.

The news shows us the exceptional stories, not the average ones. We don’t know how we fit in.

And anyway, average is boring.

So for the majority of indie creatives who don’t know anyone personally who has personally manifested their life ambitions, what’s to be done?

Take massive action with consistent discipline — the kind of discipline that can only come from a life seeking integrity.

Consistency brings its own magic

So much in life gets interrupted and overridden by other factors. When you carve out time and space for the same thing every day (or every week at the same time, etc) you are doing more than you might be giving yourself credit for.

You’re showing the universe Yes I Can. You’re making strides toward getting what you want.

In my experience, consistency creates a landing pad for more good stuff to be delivered to me.

How this happens is perhaps one of the great mysteries.

Anyway, it does.

When I have been inconsistent with my efforts, my results were junk.

Consistency also keeps the most important things active for me. Because I work on the same material ongoingly, I get new ideas ongoingly. It’s exponentially easier this way than when I stop and do something else.

Consistency means you’re being active in your own life, deciding what you want rather than letting something else decide it for you.

That also carries over into other areas of your life. You’re even more likely to have favorable encounters with strangers if you’re not all downtrodden and depressed, feeling like a failure, switching from one little plan to the next.

No more drudgery

One of the central questions is how to stay fueled for the long journey?

It’s like taking a long camping trip or going on retreat somewhere. You only need what you need.

The longer you go, the less you need, but the more you need those things.

All else has been dropped. Only the basic essentials remain.

Packing list at first:
Food, water, swiss army knife, map, compass, walking stick, 3 changes of clothes, 2 books, your lucky banjo, sleeping bag.

Total equipment list one month into your travels:
Water, banjo.

The more you carry around things you don’t need, the more you get weighed down. The more extraneous activities and non-core goals you work towards, the more scattered your energy.

[bctt tweet=”Pare things down and give your best efforts to what you love most.”]

Periodically reassess. Be willing to change everything if your inner wisdom is aligned with that. Otherwise don’t take no for an answer.

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