Let the Flow of Freewriting Hold You Beyond All Distractions

When you write…

Like a toddler in a tantrum making a mess, let it rip.

Let the voice be unfettered. Let the page be filled.

Go with what comes. Different one moment to the next.

For a time, you write the sweetest truths.

You write your long-held secrets so encapsulated … Read more


How to Crack the Hard Chocolaty Coating of the Writing Doldrums

We all face ups and downs. It’s inevitable. Sometimes we are riding high on the wave of inspiration, and sometimes we feel weighed down by our own sludgy ideas and lousy writing.

I’ve been there.

Over the years, I have tried all sorts of things: writing in the evenings, writing … Read more

traits to embody

Why is Consistent Growth So Hard to Maintain?

Organic growth scares people because of the facades around success.

Get rich quick schemes abound. Despite their irrationality, slot machines remain popular.

We like to believe we are so very rational.

Put in the work and you’ll reap the rewards, they say.

What stands in the way?

Why don’t we … Read more