Freewriting Exercise: Quickly Sketch Out Plot Points

This writing exercise takes you from a very general idea to a more fleshed-out draft or outline.

What you need to begin

  • A rough idea of what you’d like to write
  • Twenty minutes or so
  1. If your rough idea is a single statement, break it into three parts.
  2. Use these
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Declutter Your Writing Process (Phase 2 of 2)

Phase 2: Clutter in the creative process

Click here for phase 1

You know your creative process is cluttered when

  • You feel an oomph to get things done but when you sit down to work nothing seems to happen
  • You have a to-do list that grows more rapidly than it
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How to Build Up Stamina As A Writer

I often write about the positive aspects of regular freewriting, and I am especially enthusiastic about the positive qualities of freewriting marathons.

A common reaction I hear about the idea of doing an eight hour writing marathon is that it must be exhausting. In my experience, it is far more Read more


Use Morning Freewriting to Live With Intent and Clarity

It’s vital to spend the early hours of each day focused on the activities that bring us the most richness and depth.

Studies consistently show how the happiest and most productive people spend their early morning hours doing things that some people struggle to ever get around to.

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Why is Consistent Growth So Hard to Maintain?

Organic growth scares people because of the facades around success.

Get rich quick schemes abound. Despite their irrationality, slot machines remain popular.

We like to believe we are so very rational.

Put in the work and you’ll reap the rewards, they say.

What stands in the way?

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When Should You Abandon a Project?

Trusting the process means being willing to let go when things change.

Major life skills highlighted in this article:

  • Willingness rather than willfulness. Applying yourself to the hilt while remaining receptive and adaptable.
  • Checking in with your deepest values.
  • Being real.
  • Equanimity.
  • Discerning when committing to something means redoubling
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The Essentialist Secret to Productive Writing

Minimalism is about paring things down to the minimum — minimum elements, clean sleek minimal design.

Essentialism is similar but different. It’s about “less but better.”

In Greg McKeown’s book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, he lays out the core essentialist mindset.

1. Individual choice: We can choose

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Try this 2 Minute Freewrite for a Quick Creative Boost

Maybe you’re in the middle of a writing project — a book, a blog, a presentation — and you’re starting to feel boggy. Dragged down, uninspired.

Sometimes we get stuck because we have been looking at the situation the wrong way. Or we have run out of good ideas. Or … Read more


I Use This Rapid Outlining Strategy to Boost Productivity

People have all sorts of opinions and even emotional baggage when it comes to making outlines for a writing project.

Some people love outlines, most people hate them. One of the biggest misconceptions about outlining is that they are somehow separate from the creative process, that whereas writing is creative, … Read more

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Writing Isn’t Fun Anymore: 6 Ways to Squeeze Delicious Nectar Into Your Life

It’s not even “writer’s block.” You just don’t care. Writing no longer fuels you.

Stacks of boring papers.

Stacks of boring books.

Boring letters on the screen.

Unclear writing.

Annoying mistakes.

Blank, dead mind. Zero drive.

Someone please come distract me.

How to bring vitality back to your writing process

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