Your Actual Creativity is the Ultimate On-Demand Entertainment

I will not Reason & Compare, my business is to Create!

William Blake

Better than on-demand entertainment is on-demand creativity. Your creativity. For yourself. Your friends. Your 1000 true fans.

Creativity on demand

Creativity on demand means that whenever you sit down to write, it feels true to you in … Read more

traits to embody

The Wise Gunman Demands Your Integrity

Someone comes into a room, takes out a gun, points it at you and says:

“You! You right there! Show me what you love! What’s your passion? Right now! Show me what it looks like when you live your passion!”

The gunman is asking about your ability to walk the … Read more


Stick With It… Until the Onion is Peeled [Writing / Goals]

Writing isn’t hard. Compared to other challenges life brings, writing isn’t even remotely difficult.

Writing for a sustained period, however, takes courage. Writing and finishing a project takes bravery. More bravery than most people realize.

Nonwriters have only had a taste of this in school or when maybe writing … Read more


Confidence Means Adding Everything and Subtracting Everything

Be Bold, be Free, be Truthful.

Brenda Ueland

I used to think that if I achieved X or Y, then I would feel good about myself.

If I achieved all my goals, I would have something to be confident about.

If I was rich, I would be happy.

Oh, that’s … Read more