Freewriting Exercise for Uncovering Hidden Emotions

What are you feeling right now?

Maybe you are interested. Maybe you’re bored. Maybe you’re not really feeling anything.

I used to think that I was just feeling one thing. I used to believe that I was a pretty rational guy. I didn’t think I had emotional problems.

But I … Read more

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Freewrite Your Path to Creative Independence

What is creative independence?

I use the term to mean things like

  • location independence
  • financial independence
  • generally, your life on your terms
  • a free mind
  • being empowered to share your message and vision with the world

The exercise that can change your life

Everyone has ambitions, desires, and goals that … Read more

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Writers, Don’t Waste Your Life In The Pursuit of Money

Ah, the thrill of the quick buck.

I own a small business making and selling handmade shea butter skin cream. Everything involved with this business is pure pleasure. That’s why I do it. It earns me some money, and that’s a plus. But the main reason I make and … Read more


Your Actual Creativity is the Ultimate On-Demand Entertainment

I will not Reason & Compare, my business is to Create!

William Blake

Better than on-demand entertainment is on-demand creativity. Your creativity. For yourself. Your friends. Your 1000 true fans.

Creativity on demand

Creativity on demand means that whenever you sit down to write, it feels true to you in … Read more

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Abolish All Trace of Toxic Small-Mindedness

Set your goals high

What poses as prudence or basic fundamental wisdom or practicality is often the precise thing that keeps us from getting what we want.

People say not to set your goals too high or to “underpromise and overdeliver.” “Reach for the stars and hit the moon” or … Read more

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Writing Isn’t Fun Anymore: 6 Ways to Squeeze Delicious Nectar Into Your Life

It’s not even “writer’s block.” You just don’t care. Writing no longer fuels you.

Stacks of boring papers.

Stacks of boring books.

Boring letters on the screen.

Unclear writing.

Annoying mistakes.

Blank, dead mind. Zero drive.

Someone please come distract me.

How to bring vitality back to your writing process

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