When I Am Puzzled By What To Write, I Do This

The problem: Nothing adds up

Thoughts are like puzzle pieces. Taken by themselves, each thought doesn’t really add up to much. It’s just a single puzzle piece.

But when those puzzle pieces start to fit together, miracles happen.

Ordinarily, we go around with our heads full of miscellaneous thoughts. When … Read more


Use Morning Freewriting to Live With Intent and Clarity

It’s vital to spend the early hours of each day focused on the activities that bring us the most richness and depth.

Studies consistently show how the happiest and most productive people spend their early morning hours doing things that some people struggle to ever get around to.

Many people … Read more


Learn Story Structure By Reading the Synopsis

How to reverse engineer story structure by studying the blurbs and short summaries of stories you already know

Maybe it’s true that reverse engineering is my favorite kind of engineering. If that is true, I wonder what that says about me?

One thing I have been doing lately is digging … Read more


How to Unravel the Myth That Freewriting is Messy

Let’s say you want to write an essay.

So you freewrite for twenty minutes, then you look back at what you have written, and you discover that it’s a rant about something completely unrelated to your essay. There are only a couple of sentences that pertain to your essay.

What … Read more


Does Freewriting Need to Be Messy?

How to Impose Structure After You Write

In my experience… the more you do it, the less messy it gets.

That’s not to say the results are the same every time or that freewriting is the same for all people… or that there’s a right way to do it.

My … Read more


Navigating the Outline of a Messy Draft

I wrote previously about the benefits of keeping a file of topic ideas. Basically like a compost pile, a document where you can throw all sorts of material into and transform rough pieces into polished drafts.

Maybe that document sounds like it would be a headache to make sense … Read more