Use This Rapid Writing Strategy For Getting It Done At The Last Minute

You need to write something. You feel the impending deadline. It’s weighing on you.

Maybe you aren’t clear on what to write.

This might be an essay, a blog post, or a chapter in a nonfiction book.

A mostly blank file is sitting there staring at you.

You have a … Read more


When I Am Puzzled By What To Write, I Do This

The problem: Nothing adds up

Thoughts are like puzzle pieces. Taken by themselves, each thought doesn’t really add up to much. It’s just a single puzzle piece.

But when those puzzle pieces start to fit together, miracles happen.

Ordinarily, we go around with our heads full of miscellaneous thoughts. When … Read more

traits to embody

When You Don’t Believe In Yourself, Try This

Feelings come and go.

Everyone gets into low emotional states from time to time. Sometimes, though, people get stuck in negative emotional states. No matter what they try, it feels ineffectual, like trying to fight their way out of a paper sack.

You’re here because you want to try something … Read more


How to Use Freewriting to Develop Talking Points

Why do you need talking points?

Maybe you need to give a speech or a presentation. Maybe you just want to organize your thinking around a big topic so that if you have an impromptu conversation, you feel prepared.

It’s easier to hold a few talking points than to try … Read more


You Have A Nonfiction Book Idea. How to Begin Writing It?

Many people have great ideas. Many of those great ideas could be made into a book.


Many people don’t feel comfortable just sitting down and beginning to write that book.

Are you such a person? Maybe?

Admit it, you have a book idea.

You’re smart, you’re capable. You could … Read more


What can a writing marathon do for the average person?

What is a writing marathon?

A writing marathon is a style of freewriting that lasts for two hours or more. To do a writing marathon, you simply need to write without stopping, maintaining the minimum pace of one letter per second. You can go faster, but you’re not allowed to … Read more


Try This Freewriting Strategy to Write Blog Articles

I’ll start here by mentioning what might be even more obvious to you, dear reader. I’m no expert in blogging. I’m not a blog-guru, no master of bloggery-fu.

I’m OK with that. I will still like myself if I’m not featured in the top 100 blog listings.

I’m doing this … Read more


A Four Part Method to Distill A Complex Writing Project

Try this 4-part timed freewriting technique to gain clarity about the essentials of your current writing project

While we may look at the sky and think it is beautiful, we don’t go so far as to show someone else how it looks. One reason may be that we do not

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I Use This Rapid Outlining Strategy to Boost Productivity

People have all sorts of opinions and even emotional baggage when it comes to making outlines for a writing project.

Some people love outlines, most people hate them. One of the biggest misconceptions about outlining is that they are somehow separate from the creative process, that whereas writing is creative, … Read more


Writers Blocked by Doubt, Try This Method Instead

You want to write but you feel blocked.

The block tries to justify its existence. It wants to convince you that it needs to be there. It tends to come up again and again and follow the same patterns. It’s an energy drain that leads to familiar places.

Try this … Read more