Try This Freewriting Exercise to Warm Up and Make Discoveries

Without a doubt, freewriting is the most direct method for productivity as a writer.

When you freewrite you get to head straight to the source and write without stopping.

Generally people see freewriting as a rigid or constrained exercise where you make yourself write without stopping. My suggestion is … … Read more

freewriting goals

Is It Bad to Set Really High Goals?

You’ve heard about the placebo effect, yeah? When people are given pills that do nothing yet they miraculously start to feel better?

The key part of the placebo effect is that the people taking them don’t know the pills do nothing. The placebo effect is about believing that they’re receiving … Read more


Nonstop Good Ideas

So much time gets wasted sitting and staring and trying to think of good ideas.

So much frowning.

Just think of all the poor chairs enduring their writer’s asses right now all across the world.

The stereotypical writer sits hunched forward, mulling over his story.

“What shall be the next … Read more