Debunking Writer’s Block: Your Writing Must Be Functional (Part 2)

To break through the block that you’re experiencing, try this simple formula:

  1. Write without stopping, no matter what.
  2. Stay in the present; perceive, don’t judge.
  3. Focus where you want to go.

These are the fundamentals of depth freewriting.

Write without stopping. Continue moving forward, even if:

  • you don’t know what
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Debunking Writer’s Block: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway (Part 1)

The beliefs underlying writer’s block

Writer’s block comes in many forms.

The most obvious form is the “total stop” kind of writer’s block where even if you wanted to write something, you just can’t.

Writer’s block also takes other, more subtle forms. Sometimes it is merely a palpable constriction in … Read more


Freewriting Exercise – Learn From Your Writer’s Block

This exercise is broken into a variety of subcomponents that are catered to specific ways of applying freewriting as a means of learning from your writer’s block.

Your writer’s block is not quite the same as someone else’s writer’s block. It also might not be as different or as unique … Read more


Use Your Feet to Break Writing Blocks

I like to write in such a way that I am aware of the earth beneath me.

I like to feel the richness and groundedness of the body and all that is below.

It’s not something I focus on in a way that pulls my attention from my writing, but … Read more


Writer’s Block? Remember That You Have A Body

Hey, check that out — whenever I want to, I can wiggle my fingertips.

Wow. Cool!

I’m making light of this but it’s funny how often I do actually lose track of the simple fact that I have a body.

I am a writer. Yet I’m not just a bodiless … Read more


A Four Part Method to Distill A Complex Writing Project

Try this 4-part timed freewriting technique to gain clarity about the essentials of your current writing project

While we may look at the sky and think it is beautiful, we don’t go so far as to show someone else how it looks. One reason may be that we do not

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Questions to Ask Your Writer’s Block

Do you want to move more deeply to get beneath the block… or let it go?

Freewriting involves writing without stopping for some length of time. Sometimes it’s awesome, sometimes it sucks.

If you freewrite for a long time, there are bound to be moments when you write things that … Read more

freewriting traits to embody

Why are Beginnings Hard? Try this Strategy to Break Into Your Writing

One of the most common challenges faced by writers is how hard it can be to start writing something.

You’re in the mood to write. You get a legal pad and a pen, brew a cup of coffee, and sit down. Your cat is assisting you by flapping her tail … Read more

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Writing Isn’t Fun Anymore: 6 Ways to Squeeze Delicious Nectar Into Your Life

It’s not even “writer’s block.” You just don’t care. Writing no longer fuels you.

Stacks of boring papers.

Stacks of boring books.

Boring letters on the screen.

Unclear writing.

Annoying mistakes.

Blank, dead mind. Zero drive.

Someone please come distract me.

How to bring vitality back to your writing process

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Writers Blocked by Doubt, Try This Method Instead

You want to write but you feel blocked.

The block tries to justify its existence. It wants to convince you that it needs to be there. It tends to come up again and again and follow the same patterns. It’s an energy drain that leads to familiar places.

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