Freewriting Exercise: Quickly Sketch Out Plot Points

This writing exercise takes you from a very general idea to a more fleshed-out draft or outline.

What you need to begin

  • A rough idea of what you’d like to write
  • Twenty minutes or so
  1. If your rough idea is a single statement, break it into three parts.
  2. Use these
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Freewriting Exercise – Learn From Your Writer’s Block

This exercise is broken into a variety of subcomponents that are catered to specific ways of applying freewriting as a means of learning from your writer’s block.

Your writer’s block is not quite the same as someone else’s writer’s block. It also might not be as different or as unique … Read more


Freewriting Exercise: Finding Clarity About A Complicated Project

When you are faced with a complicated task, it can feel all the more daunting because of how multi-faceted it is.

Every time your mind turns toward this project, you can’t make sense of it. Your thinking around it feels tangled in the layers of project management that seem to … Read more


Freewriting Exercise for Uncovering Hidden Emotions

What are you feeling right now?

Maybe you are interested. Maybe you’re bored. Maybe you’re not really feeling anything.

I used to think that I was just feeling one thing. I used to believe that I was a pretty rational guy. I didn’t think I had emotional problems.

But I … Read more


Use This Rapid Writing Strategy For Getting It Done At The Last Minute

You need to write something. You feel the impending deadline. It’s weighing on you.

Maybe you aren’t clear on what to write.

This might be an essay, a blog post, or a chapter in a nonfiction book.

A mostly blank file is sitting there staring at you.

You have a … Read more


You’re Blocked About Finishing Your Book Because You Feel Mixed About Self-Publishing

First off, the main thing: You want to write a book!

You are so cool.


What’s stopping you from getting your stuff out there?

Wherever you are in your book writing process, whether you are just starting out, somewhere in the middle, or sitting on a finished manuscript and … Read more


To Really Stay In the Flow, Try Paring Down

I will not Reason & Compare, my business is to Create!

William Blake

As a writer, it is all to easy to get bogged down by complex ideas, intricately layered plot points. It can feel overwhelming to navigate scene after scene and wonder whether the pacing feels believable or whether … Read more

freewriting goals

Use Freewriting To Accomplish Impossible Goals

I like to set impossible goals and impossible expectations.

Partly because it’s inspiring to achieve what was previously believed to be impossible.

Huge goals are impressive.

The shadow side of this tendency is to set impossible expectations because it leads to a kind of failure that supports my negative beliefs.… Read more


You Have A Nonfiction Book Idea. How to Begin Writing It?

Many people have great ideas. Many of those great ideas could be made into a book.


Many people don’t feel comfortable just sitting down and beginning to write that book.

Are you such a person? Maybe?

Admit it, you have a book idea.

You’re smart, you’re capable. You could … Read more


What can a writing marathon do for the average person?

What is a writing marathon?

A writing marathon is a style of freewriting that lasts for two hours or more. To do a writing marathon, you simply need to write without stopping, maintaining the minimum pace of one letter per second. You can go faster, but you’re not allowed to … Read more