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Freewriting Exercise: Rewrite An Oral Story

For this exercise, you get to retell a story that at some point has been told to you by someone else.

We all have stories we carry around. Some of these stories come from our own experience and others are those that have been shared to us by someone else. … Read more


How Daily Freewriting Stokes the Inner Fire

Everybody in the world has the same conviction of inner importance, fire, of the god within. The tragedy is that either they stifle their fire by not believing in it and using it; or they try to prove to the world and themselves that they have it, not inwardly and

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Take Ownership of the World

Maybe you look out at the world and you don’t always like what you see.

All the over-hyped movies. Blockbusters that won awards and then were never heard of later. “Timeless classics” that became embarrassments.

The intellectual in me likes to try to complicate things. As a writer, I wanted … Read more