Debunking Writer’s Block: Your Writing Must Be Functional (Part 2)

To break through the block that you’re experiencing, try this simple formula:

  1. Write without stopping, no matter what.
  2. Stay in the present; perceive, don’t judge.
  3. Focus where you want to go.

These are the fundamentals of depth freewriting.

Write without stopping. Continue moving forward, even if:

  • you don’t know what
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Freewriting Exercise: Finding Clarity About A Complicated Project

When you are faced with a complicated task, it can feel all the more daunting because of how multi-faceted it is.

Every time your mind turns toward this project, you can’t make sense of it. Your thinking around it feels tangled in the layers of project management that seem to … Read more


Freewriting Exercise for Uncovering Hidden Emotions

What are you feeling right now?

Maybe you are interested. Maybe you’re bored. Maybe you’re not really feeling anything.

I used to think that I was just feeling one thing. I used to believe that I was a pretty rational guy. I didn’t think I had emotional problems.

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Freewrite Your Path to Creative Independence

What is creative independence?

I use the term to mean things like

  • location independence
  • financial independence
  • generally, your life on your terms
  • a free mind
  • being empowered to share your message and vision with the world

The exercise that can change your life

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Declutter Your Writing Process (Phase 2 of 2)

Phase 2: Clutter in the creative process

Click here for phase 1

You know your creative process is cluttered when

  • You feel an oomph to get things done but when you sit down to work nothing seems to happen
  • You have a to-do list that grows more rapidly than it
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Declutter Your Writing Process (Phase 1 of 2)

Writing is especially cluttery

Of all the creative modalities, writing is not the most straightforward.

If I draw something from direct observation, I put pencil to paper. I observe and I make marks. I’m using a single sense: vision.

With writing, I use all five senses. I write imaginatively, I … Read more


Freewriters Are More Prolific, But Is Their Writing Any Good?

Freewriters enjoy their writing time more than writers who stop and think. Writing without stopping brings the flow state. Their writing time is dramatically more productive than writers who insist on stopping and waiting until they have their next good idea.

This increased effectiveness has another benefit: Because freewriters know … Read more


Self-Criticism Hacks for Writers

To this perfection of nature in our poet we require exercise of those parts, exercitatio, and frequent. If his wit will not arrive suddenly at the dignity of the ancients, let him not yet fall out with it, quarrel, or be over hastily angry, offer to turn it away

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Writers, Don’t Waste Your Life In The Pursuit of Money

Ah, the thrill of the quick buck.

I own a small business making and selling handmade shea butter skin cream. Everything involved with this business is pure pleasure. That’s why I do it. It earns me some money, and that’s a plus. But the main reason I make and … Read more


You’re Blocked About Finishing Your Book Because You Feel Mixed About Self-Publishing

First off, the main thing: You want to write a book!

You are so cool.


What’s stopping you from getting your stuff out there?

Wherever you are in your book writing process, whether you are just starting out, somewhere in the middle, or sitting on a finished manuscript and … Read more