Use Morning Freewriting to Live With Intent and Clarity

It’s vital to spend the early hours of each day focused on the activities that bring us the most richness and depth.

Studies consistently show how the happiest and most productive people spend their early morning hours doing things that some people struggle to ever get around to.

Many people face a daily struggle of knowing what to prioritize, where to direct their focus, and what projects are most deserving of their energy.

A quick session with pen and paper can make all the difference between a boggy, hectic and unfulfilling day versus a day of optimization and clarity.

How to freewrite each morning to be more proactive and productive

Have a lot on your mind? Dump it all onto the page.

Consider the page your invisible consultant.

The page is infinitely patient. Don’t worry about complaining or saying things out of order. The paper doesn’t mind even if you exaggerate or are completely incoherent at times.

By writing out what you’re actually carrying, you not only decompress your mind but you also create the possibility of bringing order to the mayhem.

Worried that your freewrite is messy?

Read back through and just focus on the highlights. Be a secret agent on the hunt for what’s working. And ignore the rest.

Here are a few example freewriting prompts that you can use in your morning freewrite:

  • Today I want to prioritize. . .
  • Though I don’t know the solutions yet, I am facing the following problems . . .
  • This week I would love to try out . . .
  • Here are the main things I have on my plate right now. . .
  • I want to jot out all the plans and projects that have fallen by the wayside . . .
  • I can improve my sense of flow by trying out . . .
  • I want to take some risks today, such as . . .
  • I feel gratitude about . . .

Try this for a week and judge for yourself

It only needs to take a few minutes each morning. Hop on this before doing anything like checking your email, browsing social media, checking texts and voicemail or reading the news.

The thing to remember is that this is not just some extra task you’re giving yourself. Don’t engage with it in a way that feels like work.

Do it so that it feels light, empowering, fresh, and fun, however that looks for you.

Don’t take yourself too seriously, focus on where you want to go, and trust the process.

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