Debunking Writer’s Block: Your Writing Must Be Functional (Part 2)

To break through the block that you’re experiencing, try this simple formula:

  1. Write without stopping, no matter what.
  2. Stay in the present; perceive, don’t judge.
  3. Focus where you want to go.

These are the fundamentals of depth freewriting.

Write without stopping. Continue moving forward, even if:

  • you don’t know what
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A Rant About the Small Ways We Think Big

He knows himself greatly who never opposes his genius

William Blake

I’m writing today to see if I can add something to the ongoing discussions people have around goal setting and achievement.

I’m basing this post on my own experience of pursuing various goals at various stages. I have experienced … Read more

traits to embody

Stop Trying To Do Everything By Yourself

Solopreneuring can be a beautiful thing.

Instagram depicts the blissed-out lifestyles of the indie creative. Hipsters able to live their dream of selling handmade whatnots while vandwelling in the Ozarks. Shiny and successful location-independent podcasters who send out fresh doses of inspiration while beach-hopping around the world. Youtube stars who … Read more