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Declutter Your Writing Process (Phase 2 of 2)

Phase 2: Clutter in the creative process

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You know your creative process is cluttered when

  • You feel an oomph to get things done but when you sit down to work nothing seems to happen
  • You have a to-do list that grows more rapidly than it
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traits to embody

Declutter Your Writing Process (Phase 1 of 2)

Writing is especially cluttery

Of all the creative modalities, writing is not the most straightforward.

If I draw something from direct observation, I put pencil to paper. I observe and I make marks. I’m using a single sense: vision.

With writing, I use all five senses. I write imaginatively, I … Read more


To Really Stay In the Flow, Try Paring Down

I will not Reason & Compare, my business is to Create!

William Blake

As a writer, it is all to easy to get bogged down by complex ideas, intricately layered plot points. It can feel overwhelming to navigate scene after scene and wonder whether the pacing feels believable or whether … Read more

traits to embody

Stop Trying To Do Everything By Yourself

Solopreneuring can be a beautiful thing.

Instagram depicts the blissed-out lifestyles of the indie creative. Hipsters able to live their dream of selling handmade whatnots while vandwelling in the Ozarks. Shiny and successful location-independent podcasters who send out fresh doses of inspiration while beach-hopping around the world. Youtube stars who … Read more