Use Your Bag of Tricks to Add Spice When You Freewrite Based On An Outline

Earlier today an awesome client of mine mentioned an experience she had doing word sprints with a friend so that she could meet her weekly goal. Basically she and a friend raced against each other to see who could hit their word count goal first.

I’ve never done word sprints, … Read more

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Inspiration’s Death Spiral Into Obligation

Something I have noticed in myself and in other writers who hold large ambitions: We start out a writing project with a sense of verve and inspiration. Everything comes easily.

And then later at some point, things slow down. Inspiration turns into obligation. It feels like drudgery. Just another thing … Read more

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The Essentialist Secret to Productive Writing

Minimalism is about paring things down to the minimum — minimum elements, clean sleek minimal design.

Essentialism is similar but different. It’s about “less but better.”

In Greg McKeown’s book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, he lays out the core essentialist mindset.

1. Individual choice: We can choose

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How to Fit Writing Into Your Schedule

Are you a writer? How much do you write each day?

If you have trouble fitting writing in to your daily life, keep reading.

Adopting A New Habit

A block some people face with writing is that they don’t know how to fit it into their schedule regularly. They want … Read more