Self-Criticism Hacks for Writers

To this perfection of nature in our poet we require exercise of those parts, exercitatio, and frequent. If his wit will not arrive suddenly at the dignity of the ancients, let him not yet fall out with it, quarrel, or be over hastily angry, offer to turn it away

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You’re Blocked About Finishing Your Book Because You Feel Mixed About Self-Publishing

First off, the main thing: You want to write a book!

You are so cool.


What’s stopping you from getting your stuff out there?

Wherever you are in your book writing process, whether you are just starting out, somewhere in the middle, or sitting on a finished manuscript and … Read more

freewriting traits to embody

If You’re Blocked, Defeat Your Inner Know-It-All

My inner know-it-all is a big obstacle for me.

Maybe you can relate.

When something new comes up, I want to be first to know. I have an insatiable need to figure things out.

When I’m the first to blurt out the answer and everyone else notice, my inner know-it-all … Read more

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Inspiration’s Death Spiral Into Obligation

Something I have noticed in myself and in other writers who hold large ambitions: We start out a writing project with a sense of verve and inspiration. Everything comes easily.

And then later at some point, things slow down. Inspiration turns into obligation. It feels like drudgery. Just another thing … Read more