How Writers Break Through the Flow State’s Crusty Outer Layer

One way to think about writing: You’re inputting text.

From this standpoint, if you want to write faster, you need to type faster.

But so much of the actual time it takes to write something doesn’t merely depend on whether you can type fast, but whether you can write seamlessly.… Read more

freewriting traits to embody

If You’re Blocked, Defeat Your Inner Know-It-All

My inner know-it-all is a big obstacle for me.

Maybe you can relate.

When something new comes up, I want to be first to know. I have an insatiable need to figure things out.

When I’m the first to blurt out the answer and everyone else notice, my inner know-it-all … Read more


In the Flow, Look Where You Want To Go – [Depth Freewriting]

Freewriting is the writer’s way of directly engaging the flow state.

(What is the flow state?)

How freewriting engenders the flow state

You start writing (or dictating) before you know what you are going to say. You continue to write whether or not you know anything about what … Read more


Big Kids Freewrite Too

Freewriting not something that people do because they haven’t learned how to write “properly.” Big kids can freewrite too.

Truly, I would argue that freewriting is a technique that deepens and reveals more of its benefits the more experience you have. That is how it has been for me.

The … Read more


Questions to Ask Your Writer’s Block

Do you want to move more deeply to get beneath the block… or let it go?

Freewriting involves writing without stopping for some length of time. Sometimes it’s awesome, sometimes it sucks.

If you freewrite for a long time, there are bound to be moments when you write things that … Read more