Freewrite When All Hope Is Lost

Writing brings immense highs and lows. This is true over the course of a writer’s career and even over the course of a single writing marathon. When you sit and write for two or more hours, there may be times when you feel fantastic and times when you feel completely … Read more


Perfectionism, Burnout, and Finishing What You Start

I don’t know about you, but I love to start new projects. It’s almost like a high I get from some drug. I see the whole world through a different lens. It’s not just me that feels inspired. Everything looks different to me. Anything seems doable.

At first when you … Read more

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When Should You Abandon a Project?

Trusting the process means being willing to let go when things change.

Major life skills highlighted in this article:

  • Willingness rather than willfulness. Applying yourself to the hilt while remaining receptive and adaptable.
  • Checking in with your deepest values.
  • Being real.
  • Equanimity.
  • Discerning when committing to something means redoubling
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If You’re Blocked, Defeat Your Inner Know-It-All

My inner know-it-all is a big obstacle for me.

Maybe you can relate.

When something new comes up, I want to be first to know. I have an insatiable need to figure things out.

When I’m the first to blurt out the answer and everyone else notice, my inner know-it-all … Read more

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The Habit that Blocks You from Finishing What You Start

How to max out your ability to follow through

Everybody wants something in life. Very few people are making their visions a reality.

I would say that Elon Musk is a bonafide example of someone who is actually going after what he wants. He has big goals. He’s different from … Read more

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Abolish All Trace of Toxic Small-Mindedness

Set your goals high

What poses as prudence or basic fundamental wisdom or practicality is often the precise thing that keeps us from getting what we want.

People say not to set your goals too high or to “underpromise and overdeliver.” “Reach for the stars and hit the moon” or … Read more


Writer’s Block: Needing to be Clever

I want to share an embarrassing story from my life because it’s a good illustration about how the philosophy of freewriting changed everything for me.

When I was young, I was shy and reserved. Quiet. Withdrawn. I was richly imaginative, but I didn’t know how to relate with other people. … Read more


What stops you from finishing what you start?

I’m a recovering project-aholic. I take on more tasks than I can finish.

There are a lot of factors to this. Here’s one of the big ones:

Being busy is an excuse for not finishing what I’m working on.

Maybe you can relate.

When the going gets tough, part of … Read more