Take Ownership of the World

Maybe you look out at the world and you don’t always like what you see. All the over-hyped movies. Blockbusters that won awards and then were never heard of later. “Timeless classics” that became embarrassments. The intellectual in me likes to try to complicate things. As a writer, I wanted to get away from “all… Continue reading Take Ownership of the World

Nonstop Good Ideas

So much time gets wasted sitting and staring and trying to think of good ideas. So much frowning. Just think of all the poor chairs enduring their writer’s asses right now all across the world. The stereotypical writer sits hunched forward, mulling over his story. “What shall be the next brilliant line?” he asks. “What… Continue reading Nonstop Good Ideas

A Trait to Embody: Enthusiasm [Applied Freewriting]

Mere Enthusiasm is the All in All! William Blake It’s only natural to feel unenthusiastic sometimes. Feelings often have something to show us, so it is important to notice what you are experiencing and to allow yourself to hear the wisdom on the other side of the emotion. When you don’t feel like writing, when… Continue reading A Trait to Embody: Enthusiasm [Applied Freewriting]